Valuation for Insurance

Insuring: TH MARCH is one provider that we know of specialising in jewellery & watches with a good reputation within our industry, although we do suggest that you contact your household policy as there may be an option there for you to get your items insured.

Formal Valuations: Valuing jewellery can have many meanings, it may be for insurance, probate, private sale, formal division of assets, divorce settlement, selling and post loss assessments.

Please contact us to talk about your circumstances and what you want your valuation for. We will be more than happy to assist you and offer guidance if necessary.

All valuations are conducted on the premises within the presence of the customer, resulting in no items having to be left for any period of time, because of this reason it is advised to call us on: 0161 643 2725 to make an appointment with our valuer.

Our fees are £25.00 plus 0.5% of the Total value:

                                                                                 Example: items valued at £1000.00, the cost of the valuation would be £30.00.


For a Free Quotation please contact us